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Organizing Boilerplate Text

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Organizing Boilerplate Text

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Organizing Boilerplate Text

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Organizing Boilerplate text:

The top folder of the Boilerplate documents is called (doh') 'Boilerplate'. You can store any item in that folder.
Or you can store any item in any sub-folder beneath that folder. Use sub-folders as appropriate to keep your clauses organized and efficiently accessible.


Theoretically you can put your entire system under Boilerplate. In such case, every clause in your system would be available to you in an instant. The problem with the theory is that the more you have in your Boilerplate folder, the harder it may be to find the clause you want (but good organization will minimize that as a problem) and the longer it will take Pathagoras to find the clause (but only by a second or two, so it may not make a difference there either).