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Inserting Boilerplate Text

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Inserting Boilerplate Text

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Inserting Boilerplate Text

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Inserting Boilerplate text:


Pathagoras On Cloud provides 3 ways to access and insert any piece of boilerplate text:


1.Click the Boilerplate Text button in the command bar.


Tools - Boilerplate

The currently saved boilerplate text items are pushed out from the left side. They are organized by the categories (i.e., sub-folders) you set. Navigate to and click on the clause you desire. Click 'Insert' from the pushed out menu. Done!


2.Type the name of the clause you want onto your editing screen. (Don't type the '.doc. or '.docx' extension. Just the base name.)  Either press Alt-G. The target clause will be instantly inserted in place of the term you typed.

(If Alt-G does not trigger the action, your browser requires an affirmative placement of the cursor at the end of the term name. Just click your mouse once at the end of the term name you typed and the press Alt-G. An alternative to pressing Alt-G is to click the 'Get Term' button in the Pathagoras Tools tab.


3.You can include <<document call>> references to boilerplate text in any other source document. As the example show, enclose the term name between << and >> markers. When the document with a <<document call>> is processed (by pressing Alt-P or clicking the 'Process Document' button in the Pathagoras Tools tab), Pathagoras will hunt that clause down in the Boilerplate folder and insert it in place of the <<document name>> call.


lightbulbsmall2 and 3 above are Pathagoras exclusives, and they will dramatically improve your document assembly flexibility. Try them early in your document authoring and processing.