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Boilerplate Text

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Boilerplate Text

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Definition: Boilerplate text are blocks, snippets and even whole documents that are frequently used in document assembly. Using boilerplate text avoids having to constant retype the same text.


Examples of boilerplate text include, but are not limited to:

introductory text
signature blocks
standard clauses in letters, contracts pleadings which require little or no modifications. There is not limit as to size of clause. It can be a single word, a sentence, a paragraph or multiple paragraph. Nothing could be more flexible.


   To reiterate: boilerplate text can be anything. The flexibility and power of Pathagoras On Cloud allows you to put an unlimited amount of text into the Boilerplate folder. If you want to be able to quickly insert a block of text into a document in two clicks, put it into your Boilerplate folders.


Continue reading for instruction on creating, organizing and inserting boilerplate text.