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Pathagoras On Cloud v.2 is a new product. Is is more than an upgrade to version 1, but rather a major 'rewrite'.
(That said, all documents prepared in version 1 are fully compatible and immediately usable in this version.)
The documentation below is, likewise, new.
While we do our best to simultaneously reflect changes to the product within this Manual, we will occasionally (and sometimes dramatically) miss the mark.
Please bear with us during this transition period.

The most up-to-date information likely will be in the on-line version (as opposed to the PDF) of this Manual.

Also, look inside the Tutorials folder within the Pathagoras On Cloud program itself.
It will contain up-to-date samples and examples of the numerous features of the program.

We would greatly appreciate your input as to the usefulness, accuracy and 'usability' of this Manual.
If you have comments, corrections or suggestions for improvement,
please send us an email by clicking here.

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  Pathagoras On Cloud (tm) is a different kind of cloud based document automation solution. Just like its big brother 'on earth,' Pathagoras On Cloud allows you to create, save, assemble and personalize documents easily, quickly and intuitively. However, instead of using a using a single earth-bound computer, you can perform document assembly from anywhere in the world using just your browser. The same 'plain text' model that has proven so successful 'on earth' now resided in the cloud.


Pathagoras On Cloud differs from its competitors in that it is 'plain-text based'. 'Plain text' refers to the nature of the markups and visibility of those markups to the user. The more visible document mark-ups are to the user the easier it is to understand their purpose, and to edit them as appropriate. That translates to 'it's the easiest program to setup and use' claim that we make. Click here to read more about the nature and benefits of 'plain text' markups.

This plain text underpinning also allows us to use storage other than that which the program offers 'natively.' If you already maintain documents in Google Drive(tm)  or OneDrive(tm), you can connect Pathagoras On Cloud directly to those locations and immediately use the corresponding editor (Google Docs and Word Online, respectively) to further edit the assembled document. (Please do note: the actual docment assembly steps, the processing of conditional text blocks and personalizing the document still must be done via the Pathagoras On Cloud interface. We do not have permission to work directly within Google Docs or Word Online. But the effect and the result is as if we do.)

General Comments.


   Your source documents are ‘real’ documents. Pathagoras On Cloud is not using a 'database' of clauses that must be maintained an an integral unit and stored in a specific location. They are stored in folders and subfolders, just like the ones with which you are already familiar. They can be uploaded and downloaded, edited, emailed and collaborated on in 'normal' ways.  There are no hidden text blocks or fields with complex backstage coding. When you are editing a document, you are working on the source document. And when you finish editing, your documents are not converted or compiled into something you cannot edit. What you see is all there is. And that's a good thing.


   Do you ever wonder where the interview questions you see in other programs come from? Where do they reside and how do you get to them to edit? That is the hard and very un-intuitive part about using other programs. With Pathagoras, that will never be a concern. Everything is always plainly in front of you.