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Creating Boilerplate Text

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Creating Boilerplate Text

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Creating Boilerplate Text

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Creating Boilerplate text:


We offer you 3 ways:


1.Direct save: Save (or move) an existing or an original document into any folder in the Boilerplate folder tree. (If the sub-folder you need does not currently exist, you should create it using Pathagoras document management tools before using the tools described here.)


2.Upload from your local collection: Click on the Boilerplate folder, or any sub-folder within it to indicate a target folder. Then click the Upload button (the square box with the up arrow) to upload any number of files into the target folder.

Cloud Main - Upload


3.Highlight and Click: Highlight a block of text from any existing document. Right click your mouse. Click the 'Save As' option. Name and save the text in the Boilerplate folder tree:

Click to enlarge.


An alternative to the right click: Click the 'Add Boilerplate' in the 'Boilerplate' section of the 'Main' tab in the toolbar


Toolbar 'Main'




click the button labeled 'Add Boilerplate' under the Pathagoras Tools tab in the toolbar:

Tools - Boilerplate

When the SaveAs screen appears, navigate to the folder where you want to insert the highlighted text. If the target is a folder within the Boilerplate folder, it is automatically part of your boilerplate collection.


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