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Reference: Variables


Creating variables: Just surround pieces of text that are holding spots for personal information between square braces.



Dear [Customer Name]


  Thank you for your order placed on [Date of Order] for [quantity] [red/blue/assorted] [widgets/whatchamacallits/thingamabobs].


  We will ship your order within 5 business days.


  {Please note. Due to the special pricing of these items, all sales are final.}




          [Sales Representative Name]



   In this example, we have used a groupname at the beginning of each variable to illustrate how number and gender consistency can be obtained.


   [Owner] name has a new dog. [!Owner!He/she] went with [!owner!his/her] dog to the pet store because [!owner!he/she] wanted to buy [!dog!him/her] a new collar. Blue is [!owner!his/her] favorite color. (Perhaps the last line should be "Blue is [!dog!his/her] favorite color"?)  :)




(Note: the 'painting' of the setup text above is for illustration and emphasis only. Colors are not required.)