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You can personalize quite a few elements of your Pathagoras On Cloud experience.

General system settings can be accessed via the 'gear' button in the upper right corner of the navigator.


You will see this screen:


Click to enlarge.


IDB: The initial view is the Instant Database settings. You can change the characters you use to identify a variable from square brackets to any other 1 or 2 character set EXCEPT you cannot use curly braces or double angle brackets.


Account: The second tab displays your Account Information and allows you to modify certain elements of your account (email, password)


Contacts: You can add and delete contacts with whom you wish to share documents you create. (Each time you send a document to a new contact, that contact is automatically added to this list.


Storage: Allows you to choose between 'Pathagoras' (native) storage or GoogleDocs, OneDrive and NetDocuments. (More storage options will be added shortly).


General: Choose between other setup options.