Do you keep documents generated for specific clients or customers in separate folders? Are all of those folders kept under an umbrella folder (called something like “Clients” or “Customers”)? If so, Pathagoras’ SuperSmartPath feature allows you to quickly access those documents in a way much faster than you could ever do in Word alone.

    While retaining all other SmartPath features, when a numbered SuperSmartPath radio button is clicked, Pathagoras displays the umbrella folder and all of the sub-folders beneath the assigned SmartPath. Here is the view (check out the bottom of the screen):


Figure 5. SuperSmartPath illustration.

   Three new lists appear.

a.The left-most list displays all sub-folders within the SmartPath (containing, perhaps, all clients or customers of the firm).

b.The second list displays all sub-folders (if any) of the folder to the left.

c.The third box displays the actual documents in the sub-folder.

   To select a document to open, select the client/customer (a), the sub-folder (b) and the document (c). Then press the Instant Open button. The selected document is instantly opened onto your editing screen. (You can tell that you are working on the original document because its name appears in the upper left corner of the screen.)

   A SuperSmartPath is the perfect solution for any ‘umbrella folder’ situation.

Creating a SuperSmartPath

 (1) Assign a folder to a SmartPath using any technique previously discussed.

 (2) Click the PathSmart <Settings> button and

 (3) Check the SuperSmartPath box that corresponds with the SmartPath.

SmartPaths that have been turned into SuperSmartPaths are reflected as such by an “*” on the PathSmart screen.

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