To display the PathSmart (document management) screen click the Document Assembly icon (it is the first button from the left in the Pathagoras toolbar – it is the ‘fast runner’ depicting speed.)

Figure 1. The Pathagoras Toolbar

Figure 1. The Pathagoras Toolbar

   The PathSmart screen will appear:

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Figure 2. The PathSmart screen (initial view, default SmartPath 2 selected).
(Default SmartPath noted by ‘~’)

   SmartPath 2 (“General”) is the designated ‘default path.’ But let’s say that we don’t want to view the contents of SmartPath 2. We want 7. So we click the #7 radio button. (SmartPath7 is the only non-Pathagoras folder set in the demo. It is your default documents folder. Its value was derived from the Documents line in Tools>>Options>>File Locations. We called it ‘My Documents’ since that is the classic name for this folder, but it can be named anything you want. More on that later.)

   Next, click the drop down list immediately adjacent to the Instant Open button to view the contents of the folder.

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Figure 3. The PathSmart screen (after selecting Book 7 and dropping down the file list).

   You can click on any item in the list to open up the document. Click the Instant Open button and, with absolutely no navigation, your document is opened. Or you can click another SmartPath option button and the contents of the selected SmartPath are displayed in the drop down list. See the Tip in the margin for more tricks on how to use this exclusive feature.

Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar to read more about the PathSmart screen.


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