Document Management

   Document management deals with efficient storage and retrieval of documents. Pathagoras offers a very powerful, but uniquely simple, module for document management.

   Pathagoras’ document management module comes in two parts. The first is called 'PathSmart' (handling document retrieval) and the other 'SaveSmart' (handling one-click document storage).

   PathSmart eliminates time consuming 'navigation' of folders (clicking up, down and across the Windows folder tree) to open.

   SaveSmart (PathSmart 's 'sister') eliminates the navigation otherwise required when you wish to save a document into a specific folder.

   PathSmart/SaveSmart accomplishes its 'magic' by letting you assign numbers and nicknames to folders that you currently use to store documents. When you initiate a PathSmart/SaveSmart call, Pathagoras will take you immediately to the desired folder with only a reference to the number.

   PathSmart/SaveSmart does not capture your system, nor does it force you into a single time-consuming method of saving and retrieving documents. It augments what Word offers, leaving all Word tools intact.

Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar to read more about Pathagoras' Document Management functions.

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