Saving to a 'standard' SmartPath

1.Type the name of your document in the text box toward the top/left of the screen

2.Click the <Save/Copy> button to save document (or press 'Enter' from your keyboard).

3.To save to a different folder, click folder from the list at the right or type in the SmartPath number, followed by a colon (':'), followed by the document name before clicking<Save/Copy>.

   Your document will be saved in, or copied to, the folder shown in the 'Full Name' text box at the bottom of the screen.

  redarrowNote how the full document path shown at the bottom changes automatically when you name/rename your document and as you change SmartPaths.


  lightbulbsmallPress <Shift><Save/Copy> and the document will be saved where desired, and then automatically closed.

Saving to a SuperSmartPath:

   You may remember that a SuperSmartPath is an umbrella for all of the folders beneath it. When you begin a ‘save’ to a SuperSmartPath, the SaveSmart screen redraws itself to display 3 drop down lists.

The first list displays all folders immediately under the umbrella folder. (This might be all clients or customers by their names, if you created separate folders for each.)

The second list reflects all sub-folders under the folder displayed in the first box.

The third drop down list shows the specific documents that are either in the highlighted sub-subfolder (if such a folder exists) or in the active subfolder.

   Select the appropriate folder from the first (and second) drop down list and provide a document name. Notice, as you are typing the name or changing the SmartPath, that the field at the bottom of the screen (Full Name of Document to be saved) changes as you type. Press <Save> and the document is instantly saved where you want it to be. Note: No navigation whatsoever!

   Perhaps the document you have created is for a new client. With Word, you would have to navigate to the umbrella folder, create a new folder, create a sub-folder (if one is desired) and then name the document.

Pathagoras requires none of that. With Pathagoras, you simply type a name for the new folder (e.g., the client’s name) at the top of the first list, type the name of the sub-folder (if any) at the top of the second list and provide the name of the document in the third field.

Pathagoras does all of the work in creating the required folders and naming the document.

Automatically. Instantly. No navigation.

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