New since Pathagoras 2021

New to Pathagoras 2021 (additions/Improvements since initial release of 2021 on January 14, 2021):

The 'cumulative,terminal' argument. When the final element of an <<*Options(cumulative)* . . .  list must always be included, use the (cumulative,terminal) argument.

The 'none' option. Pathagoras can exclude the 'none' option from the Cumulative list, allowing you to include 'None' as an option in such a list.

<<*GetFrom*>> command and <<*Get*>> enhancements:

<<*Get*!gn1,gn2,gn3!>>, released in v. 2020.5, tells Pathagoras to read !grouipname! data saved in an Excel spreadsheet and to apply it against the corresponding !groupnames! in the document being processed. The default spreadsheet for the 'get' operation is a single, static, recycled, flat record that contains those values. The target spreadsheet is pre-set in the Excel tab of the All Settings screen.

You can now, however, intercept the default spreadsheet with the <<*GetFrom*>> command. That command allows you to pre-assign a different spreadsheet from which to retrieve values. E.g.:

 <<*GetFrom*c:\office records\data files\jones, brad.xlsx>>

Further, if you want to select the spreadsheet on the fly, just use <<*GetFrom*navigate>> or simply <<*GetFrom*>>

With the GetFrom command must be used immediately before the <<*Get* . . . .>> command (i.e., on the immediately preceding line. The 'cool' extension of this feature is that you can poll mulitple spreadsheets for different values. Just stack the commands and Pathagoras will obey as directed.