Equivalency Function (A = B)


A user wrote:

"We use the variable '[OurClient]' to capture the name of, and produce documents and letters to or concerning, our client. But for documents prepared in the course of litigation, 'Our Client' is sometimes the '[Plaintiff]' and sometimes the '[Defendant]'. But our client is always '[OurClient].'  It sure would be nice to have a way to quickly equate the data recorded next to [OurClient] to either the [Plaintiff] or the [Defendant] value field in the IDB mask without risking a typo."


   You can easily set the value of one variable to automatically be equal to the value of another variable.  Simply put in the following equivalency function: "=[variablename]" (no quotes) in the right column of the IDB screen next to any other variable. See the below screen shot where the variable [Plaintiff] is equal to the value of [ClientName].


Click to enlarge.

The variable[ClientName] found in position #1 of the variable list was inserted in the third line,
with an '=' sign added to create the equivalency.


   When Pathagoras detects the '=' sign adjacent to a bracketed variable at the 'right', it displays a red button between the two columns.

   When you click on the red button, "=Client Name" will become "John Q. Doe".

   If you click the red button again, the 'equation' is restored so you can edit the formula or (if a multiple choice selection is supplied) choose another item from the list.

   You can concatenate two, three or four individual variables into a new variable. E.g., [Full Name] = [First Name] & [Middle Name] & [Last Name]. Click this link for more information.

    lightbulbsmall Creating the equivalency can be done with a Drag and Drop action if the two variables are on the same IDB screen page. First, make sure the 'Enable Drag Drop' box is checked under Power Tools. Next, drag the name of the first variable into the ‘value’ spot for the second variable. Pathagoras will even add the ‘=’ sign for you automatically.


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