Upgrading Pathagoras via Network

   Periodically, Pathagoras is updated to provide new features, enhancement to existing features, or just plain bug fixes. Multi-licensed users can take advantage of the Smart Upgrade feature to avoid having to download more than one copy of the upgrade package from the Internet. Here are the steps to perform when you receive an upgrade notice.

redarrowThese instructions assume that all users on the network have properly installed Pathagoras and have activated the network functions. It also assumes that all users are pointing to the same Mirror Path. If you have not done so, please visit Enabling the Network.

1.One user on the network should be designated the ‘initial upgrader.’ That user will be referred to as ‘you’ in the next steps.

2.From the Utilities/Settings>>Upgrade screen, click the  "Download Upgrade Package from Internet" button.

3.Pathagoras will connect to www.pathagoras.com and will begin downloading the upgrade.

4.When prompted by your browser, choose to "SAVE" the upgrade file (it will be called "Pathagoras Setup.exe"), and then save it to your Desktop. The desktop is typically the default 'save to' location for most browsers.

redarrow It is important that you save Pathagoras Setup.exe to the DESKTOP in order for the notification steps in paragraph 9 below to be triggered. (Pathagoras provides reminders of this step during the upgrade process.)

5.Close Word and Outlook completely. You can do this while the download completes.

6.When the download is complete, run Pathagoras Setup.exe from the desktop.

7.A reminder for you to fully close Word and Outlook (the step 5 actions) will appear on the screen. When you are ready, press OK to continue the install.

8.The next screens will be identical to those you have seen (license notice, user info, etc.) in previous installations of Pathagoras. When asked if you want to start Word after installation, say 'Yes".

9.When Word reopens, you will be asked these 3 questions. Unless there is a reason to say 'no,' answer each 'Yes.'

“Do you want to transfer the upgrade to the Common Profiles Path?”

“Do you want to notify other registered users of the update?”

"Remove Setup from Desktop?"

10.The next time a registered user on the network begins a document assembly or document management project, Pathagoras will advise the user that an update is available and ask permission to install it. Unless there is a reason to say "No," answer "Yes."

redarrowIf the User answers "No," he or she should perform a "Smart Upgrade" as soon as possible. A Smart Upgrade is performed from the Utilities/ Settings>>Upgrade screen. The <Smart Upgrade> button is at the right side of the screen.

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