A bit of preliminary information:

   The single license version of Pathagoras is fully functional in any existing network environment. Regardless of the number of licenses owned (including one), you can

point a document assembly book to any location that your computer can currently access, including across  a network.

point a SmartPath to any folder to which you now have the ability to navigate, including across a network.

store all Instant Database records in a central location on your network. All data can be shared with all other users without 'activating' the Pathagoras network tools.

   So, regardless of whether you have purchased the Pathagoras 'network version,' any single license, stand-alone version of Pathagoras can use any folder anywhere with no setup beyond pointing the program element to the proper location.

   The above notwithstanding, if you have purchased a 3-pack (or greater quantity) of Pathagoras licenses, you are automatically eligible for additional networking features of the program. Among these additional features are these:

a.You can share profiles and libraries that you have created with other users.

b.You can share Instant Database 'Input Form masks' and 'Matter records.'

c.You can share ‘prefix pointer’ assignments. A 'prefix pointer' is a reference to a folder or a glossary associated with a designated prefix. This pointer allows you to instantly recall any clause into your document, regardless of its location, simply by typing its name onto the editing screen and pressing <Alt-G>.

d.You can share Multi Choice *List* assignments.

e.You can send messages regarding Pathagoras between registered users.

f.You can upgrade Pathagoras via the 'Smart Upgrade' feature.

g.You can download and keep synchronized with the network source any document assembly text stored in a central location. So, instead of relying on networking connections each time you assemble a document, you can use the always up-to-date local copy of the source text to complete the task. (This feature is perfect for organizations whose staff is frequently in the field and away from direct access to the network files.)  See synchronize text further down in this section.

   So by way of overkill, we want to dissuade you from the notion that the 'network version' of Pathagoras is needed in order to take advantage of network resources. The tools that Pathagoras offers when you have purchased 3 or more licenses are powerful in their own right, but they are for reasons that don’t involve accessibility to network resources.

Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar for information on how to set up your Pathagoras network.