For the most efficient document management (and for more efficient document assembly that results from best practices in document management), you should store your source clauses and forms in well organized folders and sub-folders that make retrieving your clauses and documents as logical as possible.

   But some documents and clauses don’t fall into a specific category. They are too general in nature.

Standard cover letters, non-subject specific correspondence, etc. cannot be readily categorized by topic (other than "General.")

Addresses and phone numbers don’t neatly fall into ‘subject areas’ either. These are, however, items to which you may wish instant access.

Such standard forms can be lumped together under a folder perhaps called "General Office Forms."

   Items than cannot be readily categorized, but for which you want instant access should be stored in a "SuperBook." If Pathagoras cannot find the term you seek in a subject specific location, it will look into the SuperBook to see if it is there.

  lightbulbsmallYou do not have to use the prefix/suffix naming conventions in order for Pathagoras to look in the "Super’ locations for the requested document. Assuming that there is not a better place for the document or term to be saved, store the item in one of the SuperBooks.

   See SuperBooks for the details.

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