Imagine being able to recall any document stored in a designated location just by typing its name onto your editing screen and pressing a hot-key. Pathagoras lets you do just that. Designate any folder on your system (local, LAN or WAN) as the SuperFolder, and/or any glossary as the SuperGlossary, and you are all set.

   Limitations: Really, none.

   If you are not typing the document name at the left margin, the document you wish to recall from the SuperFolder must be a 'single word' name. But, fwiw,

"My_Long_Name_Document" is considered a single word, as is MyLongNameDocument.

   Hoeever, if you type the target document name beginning at the left margin, the document name can include spaces.

"My Long Name Document" is just fine.

tip When it comes to a SuperFolder, please remember that you can direct Pathagoras to look not only in the designated folder, but in the first layer of sub-folders beneath the designated folder. This will provide you the ability to store a tremendous quantity of documents, yet keep them organized in appropriate categories.

See these pages for specific setup instructions and additional information:



 Order of Search

lightbulbsmallConsider storing 'classic' forms, form letters, boiler plate text, etc., in a SuperFolder. Use the SuperGlossary to store what are likely the more numerous items such as signature blocks, client, customer, and patient telephone numbers and addresses. (Remember -- a Glossary is a single document which can contain hundreds, even thousands, of individual clauses. Perfect for the kinds of items just listed.)