When the <SaveAs> button is clicked, Pathagoras will display a standard Word 'Save-As' dialog and return the 'Save' function to standard Word control. This allows you to manually navigate to a sub-folder (or parent folder, or any folder) before saving the document. You can also scan the list of documents already present in the folder.

    <Move As> does the same as above. However, after you have copied the document to its new location, Pathagoras will erase the original document from its current location.

Document 'disassembly' using SmartSave: SaveAs

   The SaveAs function under the SaveSmart screen allows you to highlight a section of text and to save it out as a new document in a more or less single step. It also allows you to

highlight a portion of the entire document, and save just that portion as a new document.

add Subject to the document directly from the SaveSmart screen.

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See Adding Clauses Manually for more options and information.

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