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  As defined above, a 'source document’ is any text that Pathagoras uses to create the initial draft of a new document during a document assembly session. A source document can be a complete 'stand-alone' document with all text, variables and options/optional text blocks needed to create a complete document, all contained within a single document. (This is the type you just created, often called a 'template'.)

  Source documents can also be 'building blocks', individual documents, each one of which contains a single topical section of a formerly whole document. Selected building blocks can be assemble into a highly personalized, complete document. Pathagoras provides all of the tools to make this happen.

Your turn: Save the source document you just created into an appropriate 'office forms' folder. If the name of the document still carries the name of the original client, do a 'SaveAs' and give the Pathagorized document an appropriate 'form' name. Create more forms, as many as you desire. (Don't worry if you don't have everything perfect at this stage. You can easily add more content later.) We will use these document, and others you may Pathagorize and save here, in a later lesson.