Adding {Options} Text

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Definition: 'Options text’ is multiple-choice text within a source document that is processed during the initial stages of a document assembly session.

The process: At document assembly time, Pathagoras will scan the document for options text blocks. Once located,Pathagoras will pause the assembly process, highlight the options block and present the options in a selectable list. You would chose which one(s) of the options you want. The selected options remain in the document. The unselected options are deleted.

   To be 'automatic', the optional text block need only be enclosed within plain text, curley braces.

{I have no children/ORI have one child./ORI have [number] children.}
{Please call me at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss the various options that I have outlined in this letter./ORPlease send any questions you may have to me by e-mail at the following address: send us a fax with your order and questions.}
NOTE: The red coloring in the above examples is not required in your actual documents.
The process of identifying options text is quite automatic in Pathagoras. When you call up a document using Pathagoras document assembly tools, Pathagoras searches for Options blocks (optional text was discussed on next page) immediately after the call of the document and displays the options for selection. You can also manually process the document for Optional and Options text by pressing the key combination <Alt-P> (for 'p'rocess).

Your turn:

1.Choose (or create) a group of alternative word, sentences or paragraphs that you want presented as text options.
2.At the beginning of the group, type a curly brace “{” (no quotes).
3.At the end of the options text block, type a closing curly brace “}” (again, no quotes).
4.In between each option, type a simple forward slash plus the word OR. Like this: "/OR". ("OR" must be in CAPS.)You can have up to 9 options.


The red coloring in the example above is for emphasis only. It is not required for an Options text block.


tipIf you wish to test the action of the above sample, copy and paste it into any Word document.  (Remove any 'Enters' from the pasted text to get the best 'effect.') Then, click the Pathagoras dropdown features menu, click the Process element and click "Process Page." Pathagoras will process the text and you can see how these options blocks work. (You may recall from the previous lesson that you can press <Alt-G> to process {optional text blocks}. <Alt-G> is available here as well. We just wanted to introduce you to another alternative.)