A clause can be assigned any name you wish, subject to just a few naming rules and conventions:

  'Name' rules:

Document Naming Rules: A document can contain any combination of letters, numbers and keyboard characters, except that the following characters cannot be used as part of a document name:  *, &, ?, /, \, :, ;    You cannot use slashes or colons in your term names. If you are going to be adding terms to a glossary (as opposed to a folder of clauses), 'bookmark’ naming rules will apply. This merely means that the name must begin with a letter, and contain only letters and numbers (and no spaces). The name may contain an underline (‘_’) character.

Glossary Term Naming Rules: Glossary names have a few more restrictions. Word's bookmark naming rules apply. A bookmark name can contain only standard keyboard letters and numbers and the underscore character, and the first character must be a letter.

  'Subject' rules: A 'Subject' should be provided for every clause and document so that a future operator will be able to understand the purpose and use of the term.  There are no character limitations to a Subject. But you should keep the 'size' of the subject to no more than 60 characters. This is a display issue, not a rules issue.

The 'Subject' of a document can be found under the Document Properties element. To display Document Properties, the document must be open. Click File|Document Properties. Edit freely if you wish.

  redarrowBut see Worldox exception.

In a glossary, the Subject is no more than the blue text which appears below the red 'clause name' and immediately above the actual text of the clause.

   You can also add a subject to an existing document using the SaveSmart module:

Display the document. Click SaveSmart.

check the 'Show Subject' check-box.

Type or edit the subject in the text box provided.

Save the document.

Editing Subjects: Because of the simple, Word based locations in which subjects are saved, it is quite easy to change them. We encourage you to do so freely. When you modify a subject, the new subject will display the very next time you display the Clause Selection Screen or print out a new terms list.


Editing names and subjects en masse:

To change the names or subjects of an existing folder of terms or a glossary, use the "Names and Subjects Editor" found under Editing Tools. See Editing Names & Subjects (en masse)

If you convert a folder into a glossary, the rename occurs en masse as well. You can instruct Pathagoras to assign each term a new name following the prefix/suffix naming style as they are being moved into the glossary. The 'old' name becomes the 'new' subject. It is a 'best of all worlds' situation. See Folder to Glossary

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