Names & Subjects Editor

If you want to change the names of all documents in a folder, how would you do it? Microsoft allows you essentially one method: display the folder, right click on the file and select "Rename". Repeat for each file you wished to rename. Slow, tedious, error prone. Pathagoras has a tool that highly automates the file renaming process which we call the "Names & Subjects Editor." It is fully described on the following pages.

  The Names & Subjects Editor is a very powerful tool that allows you quickly change the names or subjects of all (or several) documents in a selected folder.

   The Editor is particularly helpful when you want to:

edit names to correct misspellings, or globally change a spelling.

edit names and/or subjects to conform them to a standard naming convention or to add more consistency to the document naming style.

modify document names and/or subjects to make them more meaningful to you and others.

adopt the prefix/suffix naming convention for a folder of existing documents. (Specific steps to help you implement this are found below.)

add other 'prefixes' to documents so that they will appear in DropDown Lists or in the Clause Selection Screen in a desired sort order or to conform them to a alpha-numeric naming scheme adopted by your office.

modify document names in preparation for a 'folder-to-glossary' conversion. (Especially important when the current document names do not comply with bookmark naming rules.)

   When you activate the Name & Subjects Editor, Pathagoras displays a table containing the current names and assigned subjects of each document in the selected folder. Make changes to one, some or all files listed. Press the 'accept changes' button and Pathagoras makes the name and subject reassignments en masse and in a matter of seconds. Need to edit more? Not a problem. Just do it.

   Because you are essentially looking at, and can make decisions regarding, the entirety of a folder, the power of this tool cannot be overstated.

Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar to read more about the Names and Subjects Editor.

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