The Interview form can be created dynamically. There is no design required.

   However, the Interview is generated based on the existence of <<*Options*>> and <<*Optional*>> text blocks in the document which control the selection of text by the user. Therefore,

You must have <<*Options*>> and <<*Optional*>> text blocks in your document. See this section of the Manual for information on how to construct (and simple it is to construct) these powerful text blocks.

Each <<*Options*>> and <<*Optional*>> text block must contain a !GroupName!. It is this !GroupName! that is checked to determine if an <<*Options*>> and <<*Optional*>> text block will be moved into the Interview form. (If there is no !GroupName!, the text block will be processed, but after the Interview is created and processed.)

Regular <<*Options*>> and <<*Optional*>> construction rules apply. If you are not sure if your document complies, run the "Structure Checker." Pathagoras will fix things for you automatically. Use the Options Block Creation Assistant to help you correctly form the text blocks.

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