Structure/Integrity Checker

   Pathagoras can review a source document (whether 'final' or just 'under construction') and determine if it complies with the 'rules' pertaining to proper creation of variables and options/optional/repeat blocks. It can also determine if the variables in the document align with the variables in a specified 'mask' (intake form) that is associated with that document.

   Activating the Structure/Integrity Checker:

   1. From the Pathagoras dropdown Features Menu (bottom half), select "Authoring/Editing  | Wizards and Assistants | Structure Checker"


   2. Press Alt-Q and select the pre-assigned "Structure Checker" button (assuming that it has not been reassigned.)

   When selected, Structure Checker will scan the document and analyze each 'Pathagorized' element in the current document (i.e., [variables], <<*Options/Optional/Repeat*>> blocks, !Groupnames! and {Simple Options}) and perform the following tasks:

1.It will make sure that the boundary markers are in balance. If Pathagoras detects an imbalance, it will stop and highlight the most likely location where the imbalance exists. (The boundary markers examined are '[' and ']' ,'<<' and '>>' and '{' and '}', unless otherwise assigned.

2.It will check for proper structure of each of your <<*Options/Optional*>> text blocks, including

proper spelling;

proper placement of asterisks around the key terms;

proper structure of any nested elements;

proper composition of !group name! and 'prompt' (short question) text;

proper placement of the final asterisk closing the administrative section of the text block.

3.On request, the Structure checker can create a separate list of the document's [variables], !groupnames! and *aliases*. The lists will be alphabetized so you can confirm all are spelled correctly and the subtle differences if they are not. .

4. Structure Checker will also ask if you wish to (1) compare the variables in the document with those of a specific mask (intake form) that you have earlier created and (2) compare document *aliases* against your *Alias* collection. If a match is not found for either, Pathagoras will  stop at each element that does not have a corresponding match so you can decide whether to amend it, keep it, or add it to the mask or alias collection.  (Most likely, the reason why an element is 'missing' is due to a spelling error, so carefully consider each decision.)

information   When you initiate 'Structure Checker,' Pathagoras will ask if you want to perform a check on just the displayed document or all documents in the parent folder that contains the initial document. If you select the 'All Documents' option, Pathagoras will not return as many 'ok' messages or identify as many error points as it would if it were checking a single document.  Rather, will simply identify those documents in the parent folder which need attention. After the complete routine has completed, you should return to the document identified as containing a structural error. Then, run the same routine in the individual document and repair as suggested.

   See next page in the Manual for more tips, tricks and more tools to help you to validate documents.