Date, Formula and 'File Name' replacements

   Typically a variable will be replaced with a short alpha  or numeric value.  For example, the variable '[Client Name]' might be replaced with "Ulysses S. Grant" and '[Sales Price]' might be replaced with "$1,000,000"

   But Pathagoras requires no such alpha-numeric limitations. A variable can also be replaced with

a mathematical formula using other variables (and their values). Up to 4 operands can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided.

a link to a value in an Excel spreadsheet or to a .csv file

a file name. Yes, an entire document can be called in to replace the variable. See the Document Call function.

a folder name. Pathagoras will display the folder during the Scan and you can dynamically select a file in the folder to replace the variable.

the value of another field. This is the 'equivalency function'.

a date chosen using Pathagoras' built-in calendar.