End User Settings

   Sometimes there are just too many choices in a program. Pathagoras is not an exception.

   As an author/editor/author, when you are preparing your documents for future assembly, you likely want all options, check boxes and authoring tools available. But does not mean that the end users (the ones who are charged with the actual document assembly for the client or customer) need the same information.

   We have addressed the 'choice overload' issue by implementing a 'End User' setting that reduces the number of visible options to a bare minimum.  It  is our intention that, without the 'distractions' of the authoring tools needed by the administrator, it should make explaining Pathagoras to the pure 'end user' a bit easier.

   To activate the "End User" switch, click the Pathagoras dropdown features menu. Click the Utilities/Settings button.

   On the first screen that you see, look for the new check-box that says: "Apply End User" (see image below). Check it.


Click to enlarge.


   Result: When the End User switch is set, the operator sitting at that computer will not be able to view or activate most of the authoring, clause editing and administrative settings tools. There are two goals of the End User settings:

1.to prove the end user with access to Pathagoras' operational essentials, and deny access to aspects of the program that the administrator wants to declare 'off-limits'.

2.to minimize end user 'overload' of choices that can (and should) be made by the administrator and document authors. (This 'overload' is a good reason in an of itself to enable the 'End User' setting.)

   To restore full functionality, simply uncheck the End User check-box. If you wish to prevent end users from being able to switch to 'on' the various administrative and authoring controls, you should enable password security. Check the box just beneath the End User check-box. A password will be requested from you as administrator which will required in later sessions to the restore Pathagoras to non-end user status.

   See also: End User Setting as Security Option

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