System Security

   Pathagoras provides tools that will prevent unauthorized users from easily making changes to settings.

   There are several levels to this security. Some involve passwording to prevent access to certain features that are displayed to the end-user. Others involve simply hiding certain features from the end user, suggesting that the feature is not even available.


Two levels of passwords can be set.

One level excludes all users from making certain changes;

A second level of security locks out users who do not have 'administrator privileges' on his or her computer.

   To enable the password function, call up the Utilities/Settings screen. Scroll down to the very bottom of the Current Settings (front) page of the screen. Click the 'System Password' button.

  Note: The type of security that is available will dissuade, but not prevent, end users from going where they should not. An experienced programmer or user familiar with registry issues could conceivably 'hack' into the file that stores any password you may set. The security is not intended to encrypt or provide 'absolute' security regarding specific documents or folders. (See 'Document Security' for a discussion on that topic.'



    Security can be greatly improved against wandering fingers simply by not showing certain program features. Pathagoras provides a feature called 'End-User Settings' which, if enabled, displays only a minimum set of editing choices to the end user. While not primarily designed for 'security' purposes, it certainly can offer this benefit. Click this link to read more about End-User settings (including how to enable the feature.)

Document Passwords:

This is not so much a Pathagoras tool but easier access to Word password/security tools. You can save in Pathagoras your office 'document lock' password so that when Pathagoras tools that will modify your locked documents are invoked (document assembly, replacement of variables, etc.), the password is automatically applied to unlock the document. When the document is completed, the document can be relocked.

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