Capturing Data Independently of Document

   You likely have observed that the typical order of a document assembly session in Pathagoras is to create the document and then capture the personal data via the Instant Database. If the personal data exists from an earlier document assembly session, then that data can be reused.

   But what if you want to capture the data first. In other words, as soon as the client/customer or patient registers, a non-author would input the data into the Instant Database. That is entirely possible and we offer 3 scenarios.

  Create a Mask. This is fully discussed starting in another section of this Manual, and you are invited there. If you assign that Mask to one of your books, the person assigned to inputting data can activate the mask from the Libraries and Books screen that appears when the Document Assembly icon is clicked and the book selected.


  Create an Intake Sheet: Another alternative is to create a document designed especially for capturing data, and  nothing else. This might be called a "Case Information Sheet". It contains all of the variables you are likely to use with documents subsequently created. This type of document serves a dual purpose. You (1) capture the data at the outset and (2) create a printout of that data for reference purposes in one fell swoop.

   (Be mindful, even with the Case Information Sheet approach, you can either run a scan on the intake sheet or call up a mask from the Instant Database as the guide for completing the sheet.)

Case Information Sheet


Client’s Full name:  [Client Full Name]

Client’s Last name:  [Client Last Name]

Client’s Salutation (for correspondence:  [Client Salutation]

Client’s Street address:  [Client Address 1]

Client’s Street address2:  [Client Address 2]

Client’s City, ST  ZIP:  [Client City, ST  ZIP]

Short Matter Name:  [Matter Name]

Matter Number:  [Matter Number]

Court Case Number:  [Court Case Number]


  Use Excel or Adobe Acrobat to collect data and import it via the Instant Database:

With Excel, you can create an intake sheet using the incredible powerful design features of Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® Acrobat. You can post the form on the web or send it to the client/customer/patient via email for completion and return. (You can also post this on a computer in your office, put your client in front of the screen and have the client complete the form electronically.)

Upon its return, call the Instant Database screen and import via the Power Tools button, the data from the Excel spreadsheet or the Adobe Acrobat pdf.  The result is  as if you had completed an Instant Database form in the 'standard' fashion. See these sections of the Manual for more information: Excel   Acrobat