Adobe™ Acrobat™ Interactivity

Pathagoras has substantial Adobe™ Acrobat™ interactivity.

1.PDF's as Documents: Pathagoras can complete 'Pathagorized' Adobe Acrobat forms as if they were Word documents. For example:

probate forms

court filing cover sheets

tax forms

uncontested pleadings/motions

reports of adoptions

immigration forms

These forms are typically produced by federal, state and local courts. Thousands exist now. More forms are coming daily. Many of these forms have been made mandatory, giving you no choice about having to use them. But you now have a choice about how to complete them. 'Pathagorize' a PDF form in the same way you 'Pathagorize' Word documents. Just insert [bracketed variables] directly on the face of the PDF form. Using an appropriate new name, save out the 'Pathagorized' form.  

You can work with these forms in the following ways.

a.In the same manner as you can scan a document for [bracketed variables], you can scan a PDF form for [bracketed variables]. Those variables will be displayed onto a standard Instant Database form. There you can provide appropriate values for each variables. Press 'Complete.' Pathagoras uickly will replace the [variables] in the PDF form with the values you provided.
You will be able to save your variables-to-values pairings as an IDB record. You can use this record with other PDFs and with other Word documents. It is in every way an IDB record.
Read more on how to Pathagorize a PDF here.

b.Instead of scanning for new variables, you can recall an existing data record and complete the PDF with existing data.

2.   PDF's as Intake Forms: PDF forms can be scraped for data provided by clients or others. Design an intake form -- or use an existing one -- and sent to a client. Upon return of the completed form to you, scrape the data and push it directly into your Pathagoras system. Read more here on how to create a Pathagoras-ready intake form.



    Call the Acrobat module from Pathagoras Features | Authoring Editing Tools. Click the 'Adobe' element as shown below

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

tipIf you anticipate using this feature a lot, you should place the Acrobat 'button' onto your Quick Access Toolbar (the 'QAT'). Just right click on the 'Complete Adobe forms' and select the QAT option. That will provide instant access to this feature, and save you many clicks.

Please note:

1. The tools discussed above work with the Adobe Acrobat™ brand only. This may change as other PDF companies make their code available to software services like Pathagoras, but for now be aware of the restriction.

2. There are two basic types of PDFs:

 a. Letters and other documents that have been converted from a native format such as Word into a PDF document. That converted document is essentially an image of the original, and has no fields for Pathagoras to scrape or fill. These types of forms can be 'assembled' but they cannot be personalized.

 b. PDF forms with 'fillable fields'. These are bounded sections of the document containing numerous text areas that are intended to be filled in by an end user. Pathagoras' 'filling' and 'scraping' can be done only with PDFs of this type.

3.  PDFs will never replace specially crafted contracts, agreements, complex pleadings, wills & trusts, etc. So there will always be a need for true document assembly. But now one program – Pathagoras -- can handle the full range of forms used in a typical office, from the ‘fill-in the blank’ Acrobat PDFs to the most lengthy and complex of documents.

4. The form must be a 'saved' form. If you call up a form, make changes to the variables (adding, renaming, deleting), be sure to save it before acting on it.