Just like it can scan a document for [bracketed variables], Pathagoras can scan for and quickly identify [bracketed variables] in PDF forms. Those variables can then be displayed onto the familiar Instant Database screen for completion.Provide an appropriate value for each variable, press Next and you have completed a PDF as if it were a document. Plus, you can save the variables to values pairing for use in addition PDF or Word documents.

   To Scan, call up the Adobe screen. From the lists at the left, select a 'Pathagorized' PDF that you want to scan. Check the 'Scan' box and press the Next button. (If you want Pathagoras to scan the PDF's variables into an existing Record -- such as when the record doesn't already contain those variables -- select that client's record first. Then check the Scan box from the Action column, and then press Next.)

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   Pathagoras will then scan the PDF for any variables and place them on (or append them to the bottom of) the IDB screen. Complete or edit the variables as needed.

   Press the “Next” button on the IDB screen. Pathagoras will save your IDB changes and then instantly fill in the fields in the PDF.

   All saved personal values can be reused with other Word documents and other Acrobat forms.

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