Error messages received during document assembly are almost always causes as a result of an imbalance between the opening and closing markers. The more [bracketed variables] and <<*Options/ Optional*>> text blocks you add to your documents, the greater the possibility of an editing error.

   Pathagoras can help you find such imbalances and can even direct you to their likely locations.

1.Display the ‘Authoring/Editing Tools’ menu and then the 'General Editing Tools' sub-menu.

2.Click 'Check Structure.' Pathagoras will automatically count each marker typically used in Pathagoras and report back which ones are out of balance. Upon request, Pathagoras will also check other 'structure' elements in your document and report any problems it discovers. See "Structure Checker" for information on this powerful tool.

3.When you 'run' a document, if a document structure error is detected, Pathagoras will typically announce the cause of the error and highlight the text that has created the error.

tip As you are testing your documents prior to releasing them to the end users, you might want to consider the Editing Tips found at the end of this Chapter. Using those tips, you can more quickly isolate the section of text causing the problems.