Add Clause to Existing Book

Adding clauses to an existing book ("Highlight & Add")

   Adding clauses to an existing book is very simple, very fast and, we hope you will find, very elegant.

This is a piece of ‘pretend’ highlighted text. It can be text from any source. We want to add this text to an existing book. To do so, we simply highlight it and then press the keyboard combination <Alt-G> ‘against’ the highlighted text. That activates the Term Works! routine.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

   When the Term Works! screen appears after you press <Alt-G>, provide a Name and a Subject for the new clause. (The name is typically a short phrase containing a bare minimum of identifying information. Standard document naming rules apply. The Subject can be (and should be) longer and more descriptive, and can include any punctuation not allowed in a ‘Name.’) Click the appropriate button on the ‘target row’ to select the book into which you want the term saved.

   In our case, we want to add the new clause to the book that we just created in the opening lesson. Therefore, we will click <Other Book> so that more target locations will be revealed. See Figure 5 below.

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Figure 2. Highlight the text. Then provide a name and a subject for the new term.
If Position 1 is not the desired location,  click <Other Book> to view available
target books into which new clause can be added.


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Figure 3. Check the specific target book(s) into which you wish to save the new clause.
Click Add Term.


Using this and other tools, you can further augment and refine the book to create a powerful, yet easy to modify and easy to understand, document assembly system.

  Term Works! also can help you add clauses in rapid fire succession. All you need to do is provide either (1) the number of blank lines ("Enters") between each clause you want to add, or (2) provide a special character set that you have used to mark up a document for 'dis-assembly'. With this information, after you add one clause, Pathagoras will quickly jump to the next one, allowing you to quickly add a series (even a long series) of clauses into a book. Click here for a more detailed, illustrated discussion.

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