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Create Variables using IDB

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Create Variables using IDB

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Create Variables using IDB

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Hint, Tips and Tricks


   In documents that you are ‘Pathagorizing,’You can use the Instant Database screen to quickly convert multiple names and other personalized text variables to variables. Here’s how:


   Press Alt-D to bring up the Instant Database screen.

1.In the left side, type the name(s) of the now ‘personal’ text, one per row.
2.At the right side, type the variable name you want the personal text to become. Be sure to include the bracket. So, John Doe at the left and [Client Name] at the right. 117 Main Street on the next row at the left, [Client Address] at the right.
3.Press the Replace Variables button. All instances of each term at the left will be replaced by the variable at the right.