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Color Coded Optional Blocks

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Color Coded Optional Blocks

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Color Coded Optional Blocks

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   Instead of texttual markups as described above, you can color code your conditional text. Pathagoras can 'read' the colors you are using and keep or delete the color-coded text as you request.

   Pathagoras will read and decipher the first line of a color coded document, and present a 'color coded' screen showing the colors you have designated. Choose to keep or delete the text of the specific color. Press the Next button and it is done. Rules and examples follow below.

  For example, this simple piece of plain (but 'painted') text on line 1 of the document:

<C>Color Sample 1/Color Sample 2/Color Sample 3/Color Sample 4/Color Sample 5/Color Sample 6</C>

results in the following form when you press Alt-P (for 'p'rocess):


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   Of course, a caption like 'Color Sample 1' doesn't provide an end user with any useful information. Not to worry. You can replace the text with any meaningful (but still painted) phrase or question you desire. For example,

<C>Children/Minor Children/Charitable Gifts/Alternate Trustees</C>

would result in these more meaningful set of checkboxes:

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The very first line of the document body must contain text showing the colors used, each new color separate from the others by a slash. To insure that the text on this Line matches the colors in the document body, you can use the format painter to the left (Clipboard section) in Word's 'Home' screen or the special tool described at the foot of this page.

This line must open with <C> and close with </C>. See example below.

Black is not an available color, as it is the 'default'. All black text automatically remains in the document.


<C>Keep if married/Keep if children/Keep if any child< 18</C>



Discovering colors in already painted documents.

   Pathagoras can scan a previously painted document and create the first line for you automatically, To do this, click the Pathagoras Features drop down, click the Wizard and Assistants and click the Options Menu. From the menu, click Discover. (Note the other menu items in case you need them for other projects.) If the colors are not 'legal' (see above discussion re: limitations on color selections), Pathagoras will offer a Color Chart to allow you to select colors that the system can use.


Multiple Color Choice Lines:

   While Pathagoras can process up to 6 colors per checkbox form, you can actually process many more that 6 colors per document. Once Pathagoras processes the first line of colors, it deletes it, elevating the second line to 'first line' postions. The process repeats so long as there is a <C> . . . . </C> line present in the documents top line. Example:


<C>Keep if married/Keep if children/Keep if any child< 18</C>

<C>Trust Language/Special Gifts/Simultaneous Death Clause</C>


A sample of a color coded 'complete' document can be found in the Tutorials folder in your on cloud folder.