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    Check out our 'Tip of the Week' archives. Click the button at the bottom of this screen. You will be able to read about features (some basic, some advanced) which will save you a tremendous amount of time as you create your source clauses and move into full document production mode. 

    Some features are basic, some are advanced, some you may already know, but most likely will draw a 'wow, that's neat' reaction from you.

    The tips themselves do not offer specific 'how to do it' advice. That is the role of the Help Manuals. However, each Tip contains a link(s) to the appropriate section(s) of the Pathagoras On-Line Help System where you will find the details and illustrations on 'how-to' accomplish the Tip.

    At the foot of each TOW page is a 'Suggest a Tip' form. We encourage you to contribute a tip, trick or suggestion if you have one. If you wish to request a discussion of a particular issue in 'Tip' style, please let us know.