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The Pathagorized Office

Beyond Documents

    Pathagoras lets you create and personalize highly complex, error-free content in a very short amount of time. While not hard, the process can be tedious and time consuming. If your other duties limit the time you can spend 'Pathagorizing' your office documents, we provide a service to help. We call that service "PathagorizeMe!" Click on the link to read more about those services.

   But If you are looking for a more turn-key setup, where your system is optimized to take advantage of your newly automated documents, ‘The Pathagorized Office’ is the service for you.

   'The Pathagorized Office' services are provided by consultants who are consummate experts in setup and use of Pathagoras. They have years of experience in real law offices. They will examine what you currently have, ask a few questions about your current document flow, and then either guide you on how to best streamline your operations or 'take over' your system for a little while and then return to you a smarter, more elegant, more integrated, system.

    Basic, intermediate and advanced packages are available, all being consistent with the level of knowledge required to setup and to user the various Pathagoras elements.

Programs can be tailored for small, medium and large firms, as well.

    Basic packages include initial installation and creation of your first libraries and book. Office files can be reorganized into more logical arrangement. Folders and subfolders can be created to that your regular Windows structure follow a more logical hierarchy. Then we will set up of libraries and books organized along your lines of practice.

    Intermediate packages include creation of Intake Form masks (which also help to keep your variables consistent across documents), Multichoice lists and more extensive reorganization of you files and folder structure. DropDown Lists (with tree service implemented where appropriate). If desired, files can be renamed using the Name and Subject Editor to assure consistency. PathSmart and SaveSmart (document management) tools implemented and profiles and SmartPaths (including SuperSmartPaths) designated.  When Pathagoras has been installed on multiple computers in the office, we will setting up the network pointers for sharing of document and data. This can be done system wide or by office groups. Your choice.

    Advanced packages are designed for larger offices with many divisions. It involves a thorough evaluation of your document production systems and implementing a single entry point for accessing all documents and information. We can set it up so that all documents and information is shared among all departments, or so that the various departments operate and separate profit centers. Your choice. 

    With "The Pathagorized Office", documents and client data are quickly accessible by all licensed users. Other office efficiencies using Pathagoras can be realized in ways you may not have thought possible. Your paralegals (and you) will love what we can do for you!


    We offer a free 20 minute no-obligation tour of a Pathagorized Office. This tour will show you how functional and efficient an office can be with just a bit more time spent on system developement. Once you see it, your imagination will run wild with the things you can do with a truly  “Pathagorized Office” (including taking a day off)!

 (Not a law firm? Not a problem.
We can adapt this system to any business and create the same efficiencies and outcome for you.)

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