• Pathagoras offers plain text, "no codes required" document assembly.

  • Assemble text from 'templates' (complete documents) or from individual clauses.

  • Feature-rich; quick and easy setup. You can 'Pathagorize' documents quite literally in seconds and use them instantly.

  • Operations are simple and intuitive.  Built within Microsoft's VBA platform, you never leave your familiar Word environment.


The Birth, Care & Feeding of
DropDown Lists

Scheduled Live Webinar August 19, 2015

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Sessions will be recorded and posted for replay within 48 hours after the conclusion of the webinar.

In this session we will discuss:

  1. What is a DropDown List (and what it isn't)?

    • It IS just the listing of files in a target folder.

    • It ISN'T a compiled or compressed version of the target folder.

    • It IS the fastest way possible to find a document you need for a client or customer.

    • It IS the fastest way possible to insert boilerplate text into your document under construction.

  2.  How to use a DropDown List (just the basics; advanced use will be at end of webinar).

  3. What types of DropDown Lists are possible?

    • It's not just for Word documents.

    • Use DropDown Lists to insert Images, Excel files, WordPerfect files, PDFs, and more.

  4. How to create a DropDown List . . .

    • . . . from a 'book.

    • . . . free-style

  5. How to add, delete, rename and repoint DropDown Lists (the 'Other Settings & Actions' screen)

  6. Augmenting the content of a DropDown List

    • More documents

    • Document disassembly

    • Highlight and add (IT"S SOOOOO EASY).

  7. How to use a DropDown List (advanced)

    1. two click access to any text

    2. 'no-click' access to any text (the 'Alt-G(et) function

    3.  Insert vs. New Document

    4. Avoiding Navigation

  8. Two specialty DropDown Lists

    • Variables

    • Samples Glossary

  9. For another day: "Collections" (maintain up to 4 X10; switch them in and out with two clicks.)

  10. Your Questions.

  11. See you then!!