The below text is a collection of the examples provided in various sections of the Help System, plus additional sample text. You can get a flavor of how Pathagoras works by highlighting and then copying any text on this page and pasting it into a Word document.

    Typically, document automation would be triggered when you are actually assembling a document which includes text such as that below. But you can 'trigger' a similar action by placing your cursor next to (at the immediate right of) a closing character and pressing Alt-G.

    We especially want you to take note of the fact that all text is plain text. The opening, closing and intermediate characters are all 'keyboard' text. Nothing is code! Once you have pasted the text into your Word document, you can change it to your liking. The changes you make will be reflected in your next 'run-through.' This should make it indisputably clear that, while Pathagoras performs quite a bit of magic, it is done behind the scenes. You need only provide plain text from your keyboard.

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All text on this page and the above pages can be copied and pasted into any Word document and quickly processed so that you can see the action of this feature of Pathagoras.

Suggested Shortcuts:

Highlight all=Ctrl-A Copy= Ctrl-C  Paste=Ctrl-V

Sample Optional text:
     {Please call me as soon so that we can discuss the various options that I have outlined in this letter.}

Sample Options (multiple choice) text: