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Design-a-form: Let the client (or patient or customer) complete Instant Database information on his/her own

Views: 16803 Created: 05/12/2012 07:00 am Last Updated: 02/07/2018 04:38 am 0 Rating/ Voters

    Pathagoras lets you create and publish highly personalized intake forms.  The delivery method for these forms vary greatly (fill-in at your office email to client and ask for return, or direct your client or customer to URL where he or she can access the form via a web page..

    When the appropriate fields are completed, the client presses the form's Submit button. The data is then returned to you via email or download from your site (or if locally completed, just a conversion to a Pathagoras record. Regardless of the delivery and return method, the data can be saved directly into your records folder and is immediately a member of your Instant Database records set.

    How cool is that??

    The intake form can be designed specifically for your needs. Here are the 'rules':

  • The data fields on the web form must match the variables you use in your documents.
  • Depending upon your choice of platform (Word, Excel, third party provider), you can have a simple 'stacked' two column (or two row) design or a multi-sectional, muti-color, highly complex intake form.
  • Depending upon your platform, you can create conditional and  'cascading' displays. E.g., if a certain condition exists (Children?), a new series of questions will appear (e.g., Child1 Name, Child2 Name, etc.)
  • You can request multiple choice lists on any variable.
    E.g., "Sex: Male, Female";  "City of Residence: Hampton,Newport News,Williamsburg".
    These lists will be presented as selectable dropdowns. If the length of each list is short, they can also be presented as radio buttons.
  • 'Date select' (calendar) features are typically available in the fancier platforms.
  • You can provide a personalized message to the client/customer/patient as a preamble to completing the form.
  • You can personalize every label associated with the fields the client/customer/patient will complete.
  • You can designate required fields (fields that must be completed before the form can be submitted).
  • The 'return' field names will match the variable names you use in your Pathagorized forms. The .csv file that is returned to you is immediately usable as an Instant Database record. No further conversions required.
  • A personalized web-based intake form goes a long way in impressing your client/customer base. Having the data  instantly available to your document assembly system which allows an instant turnaround of forms puts you at a competitive advantage to the likes of 'LegalZoomâ„¢',  etc.

If you wish to try your hand at designing your own web-based forms. There are many form-building products that can accomplish close to the same thing that we offer above and at no cost to you. Here are two:
  • FormConnect has an IPad app that allows you to design your own form and transmit it to your office email as a .csv file.
  • A very clever tool that will allow you to create forms of any kind. You can set it up to transmit the data to your office as a .csv file attached to an email.
  • GoogleForms. Free and flexible

    If you enjoy experimenting with these kinds of tools, go for it. They actually can be a lot of fun. The 'downside' to these and other free form builders is that you will you will have to create/edit your fields one at a time. That is so you can pair up their default field names with the variable names you use in Pathagoras.  This can take a substantial amount of time. If you have the time and inclination, you may wish to give these a shot.