Your First System

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   Creating a document assembly system (with many documents from which to choose) is easy. Only a minimum of setup, and no programming, is required. Actually, it is all accomplished by 'pointing' (to folders).

   If you do not have forms segregated into organized folders (e.g., Will files in a Will folder, Contract forms in a Contracts folder, etc.), you should begin doing that soon. That kind of organization will dramatically improve the overall operation of any document assembly system. (This is done outside of Pathagoras. It is just Word/Windows file and folder 'stuff.')

   But for right now, just create one folder which contains some forms that you intend to use for document assembly purposes. Whether you are using an existing folder or have created a new one, we want you to pour 'lots' of forms and documents into it. (Don't worry about getting all possible documents and forms into the folder for the time being. And don't worry about segregating them by subject. You can always break things up later, or add more forms, at your leisure. For purposes of the following demonstration, simply having a lot of documents in a single folder is the most important goal.) And make sure that the document you Pathagorized in the previous section of this pamphlet is there.

Pathagoras works best with lots of documents in a single folder. It is actually better (and easier) to have dozens of document in one or 2 folders than to have one or two document in dozens of folders and subfolders. So please don't hesitate to heavily populate the folder that we will be using for the following exercises.