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WordPerfect® 'Interplay'

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WordPerfect® 'Interplay'

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WordPerfect® 'Interplay'

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   Pathagoras cannot directly operate within WordPerfect® (The reasons for this is explained elsewhere.)

   However, that's not the end of the story. Because Word can convert a WordPerfect® document into a Word document, so can Pathagoras. The trick to document assembly with WordPerfect documents is to use DropDown Lists as your gateway to your WordPerfect documents.

   Pathagoras' DropDown Lists allows you to assign any folder containing any content to one of up to 10 DropDown Lists. 'Content' includes WordPerfect documents.

   Follow these steps:

1.Click the DropDown Lists item in the Pathagoras features menu. The following screen (Figure 1) will appear:
Click to enlarge.
Figure 1
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Figure 2
2.Click the "More Choices" option and Figure 2 will appear. Click the first option.
3.Follow the prompts to navigate to the folder containing the WordPerfect files. When there, select a single file (it doesn't matter which one -- it is the folder that is being registered, not the selected file -- and click 'Ok.'
4.Provide a name for the List. That is all there is to it. Now you can point and click your WordPerfect files into your document without having to ever navigate to the folder again.

   If you wish to select multiple items from the DropDown List, you can quickly convert the list to a Clause Selection Screen by selecting that entry from the 'below the line' options. See this link: WordPerfect Assembly

NOTE: While the source is WordPerfect, the text and the resulting document is Word.