A block of text can also be quickly added to any folder or glossary that is reflected in a DropDown List.

   Here are the steps:

(1) Display the text you want to add to the folder or glossary.

informationThe text you choose to add to the book can be anything. It can be text, it can be a picture, a chart, etc. You can copy text/data/pictures/tables/links/whatever from the Internet and paste it onto the editing screen. You may have text from a forms book that you want to add to your collection of forms. It does not matter to Pathagoras what the source of the text is. So long as you can display it onto your Word screen, it can be added to a book.

(2) If you want to add just a portion of the displayed text, highlight that portion. If you want to add the entire document, don't highlight anything.

(3) Drop down the DropDown List.

(4) Select the entry "Add H'lighted Text". When the Term Works! screen appears, provide a name and subject for the clause. When you press OK, the clause is instantly added and will appear the next time you display the DropDown List. Further, if the folder or glossary represented by the DropDown List is also one of your books, the new clause will appear in the book the next time you display it via the Libraries & Books screen.

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