Pathagoras is always changing. It is upgraded on a fairly regular basis as users offer suggestions to improve current features or to add new ones. It is this reason why Pathagoras is distributed only over the Internet. (No CD could ever be 'current.'  As soon as one is mailed, we might have implemented a change.)

   To upgrade Pathagoras,

1.Display the Utilities/Settings screen from the Pathagoras dropdown features list.

2.Select the Upgrade tab. (You can check for the latest release version number by clicking the 'Check for Upgrade' button. Compare it to the information on the Upgrade tab to see if an upgrade is indicated.)

3.Click the button that reads "Download complete program from the Internet" and follow the prompts.

informationUpgrading Pathagoras is a simple, painless process:

Pathagoras preserves all libraries, books, settings, Instant Database records, etc. You will lose nothing when you upgrade.

You do not have to uninstall a previous version of Pathagoras to upgrade.

The transition from a demo version to a licensed version is seamless..

informationNetwork users: follow the special upgrade instructions to most efficiently upgrade Pathagoras in a network setting.


redarrowYou are entitled to the latest version of Pathagoras
while you are within the period your initial Annual Support Agreement
or subsequent renewals.
If you are not sure if you are 'current'
in your Support subscription, see this section of the Manual or contact us.