The <Alt-G> function discussed in the previous section offers a very powerful 'recall and insert' tool for those documents which you have made part of your document assembly system. But there is really no limit on what you can <Alt-G> into your documents. The power inherent in an <Alt-G> call makes Pathagoras very much like every other typing expanders on the market (ActiveWords™, FastFox™,  etc.) as well as Word's built in AutoCorrect feature.

   The main difference between Pathagoras' 'typing expander' function and that of the others is that Pathagoras requires you to affirmatively press the <Alt-G> combination. (With the others, the program is designed to 'read' your last few keystrokes and, if a match is found, to respond to what it 'sees.')

   Here are the benefits of the 'affirmative call' requirement of Pathagoras.

The 'affirmative call' requirement means that you can use real words for your key words. If you want to use a 'real' word such as "letterhead" to reflect the call to your company's letterhead, use it. You don't have to use a cryptic 'ltrhd" or other abbreviation.

The other expanders are constantly monitoring what you type. If you type any text that matches a 'programmed' group of letters, the expander takes over and gives you what it thinks you want.

Example: You are typing a letter. You want to abbreviate the month of February, but have assigned "Feb" to 'February' in your 'expand' list. You will get "February" when you type 'Feb' whether you want it or not.

This will not happen with the 'affirmative call' requirement of Pathagoras. If you want 'Feb,' type it and move on. If you want February, type Feb and press <Alt-G>.

Pathagoras allows you not only to call in text with <Alt-G>, but also lets you open a folder by simply typing a number or a name.

For this function to work, you must first have assigned a number to a SmartPath. or to a name to a QuickLink. Once you have done that, you need only type the number or its name to the screen and press <Alt-G>. The target folder that you assigned to the number or to the QuickLink will instantly open. No navigation.

Pathagoras allows you to call in complete, fully formatted documents with ease. Typing expanders are typically intended to call in short phrases, not complete documents, and were surely not designed with document automation in mind.

You can have the best of both programs. Pathagoras is fully compatible with any typing expander. You can have any of those programs in place and augment them with <Alt-G>.

Unlike AutoCorrect (which is typically computer bound), everyone on the network can easily point to the same locations to make an <Alt-G> call.

There is no limit to the type of information you can have available. Images, tables, highly formatted text. An <Alt-G> call can handle it all.

See Order of Search rules to see the methods and the locations Pathagoras will search when you press <Alt-G>.

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