A 'book' is a pointer to a folder or a glossary. These folders and glossaries in turn contain the source clauses used for document assembly purposes. In a typical setup, all of the users on a network point to same source. The clauses contained in that book are physically shared among all the users.

   However, some organizations, or certain users within the organization, find that physically sharing source clauses is not practical. Sometimes it is a slow network that leads to the decision. Other times, it is because it is impossible to be physically connected to the server at the time the clauses are needed. Organizations whose staff is frequently in the 'field' and away from direct access to the network files is a good example of the latter.

   Pathagoras allows registered network users to synchronize 'centralized' source text to a local copy of the same on the remote computer. So, instead of relying on networking connections each time you assemble a document, you can use the up-to-date local copy of the source text to complete the task.

a.In the Utilities/Settings menu, click the Sync tab in the Network Setup screen.

b.Complete the two text boxes representing the local path (which will receive the latest files posted by the administrator and the Network path where the latest files are maintained. You should type the top-most folder where the two systems 'match up.' All sub-folders beneath will be synched.

It doesn't really matter what either folder is called. It is a bit easier to visualize the process if at least the last named sub-folder of each are identically named.

Click to expand.

The Local Path and the Network Path are paired for synchronization.

  redarrowThe sync is 'one-way only' -- from the network to the remote computer. Only one person (an administrator) should be in charge of updating the original material.

  redarrowOnly newer files will be downloaded. So the download is quick and only when necessary.

  redarrowCheck the 'Auto' box to automatically synchronize files at the start of each Word session.

Some users may wish to use locally stored files even if the network files are available. This can dramatically speed up processing. See next section titled "Use Local" for more information on this useful feature. (Of course, you must be absolutely confident that the local files accurately reflect the contents of the network files.)

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