We have discovered one of the coolest 'teaching tools' on the market. It's called Iorad. It allows us to capture the individual steps to accomplish a particular task, including the mouse clicks and hot-keys used in the process. Iorad offers several options (1) to step through the lesson, asking you for an affirmative response in the form of a mouse click in the appropriate spot; (2) simply to read (listen -- it offers a pretty realistic computer voice) the lesson; and (3) to print out the lesson.Read more information re: Iorad (including how you can create personal tutorials for your staff) at the end of this page.

Download and Install


Initial Settings




Add New Term(on fly)

Add Direct to Spreadsheet

Document Assembly

Document 'Dis-assembly'

DropDown Lists

Create New DDL

Collections (Save)

Collections (Restore)


Variables DropDown List

Editing Tools

Paint Markers

Instant Database

Resize Screen

Variables Creator

Cycle Date Displays

Chosing Multiple Items

Variables DropDown List

Navigation Tools


Options/Optional Blocks

Creating Options Block

Structure Checker

Trouble Shooting

Initial Settings (fields)

Initial Settings (spell check)

Structure Checker


Tips and Tricks



Iorad offers a very powerful, but free (but very extensive) 'beginners' option. To the extent you want to create a personalized, step-by-step manual for teaching Pathagoras (or anything else) to your staff, you can easily do so. Just sign up for an account. (FWIW, Pathagoras has no business relation with Iorad. We get no referral fees, etc. We just like the product.