Naming with Sorting Numbers

   The previous section described the 'prefix/suffix' naming convention. In short, the prefix is a two, three or 4 letter set that identifies the type of document (e.g., will for 'will', 'tr' for trust, etc.) and a three or 4 number suffix to name the individual clauses. Additional characters can be added. The prefix is associated to a folder and accessing the folder and every document in the folder is quick. The 'beauty' of this system is it elegance in naming, and the ability to quickly recall in a clause from the host folder. By properly assigning suffixes, including supplement suffixes, the clauses can be named with readily identifiable labels, quickly sorted in 'selection' order, and quickly selected.

    And alternative method to naming clauses for sorting purposes is simple to pre-pend alpha-numeric sorting characters to each document in a folder. This avoids the restrictions imposed by the prefix/suffix naming.



 010Family Structure.docx

       015Disposition of Estate.docx

Here, only a minimum of 'space' precedes the name of the document. It is sortable, and easy to see the topic of the clause.


 With Prefix/Suffix, typing just the prefix/suffix part of the name allows you to recall the document. So if the document is named wil100 Preamble, you just need to type wil100 to recall the clause. Pathagoras takes care of the navigation to the folder based on its recognition of the association between the prefix and a folder. As you use certain clauses more and more, you will 'memorize' important documents.

 With sorting numbers, you must type the whole name, and the clause will only be found if the clause is within a DropDown List or other folder within Pathagoras 'Hunt Path'. Exception: If you have set the 'exclude first X characters', Pathagoras can find the document in a DropDown List by just the characters to the right of the Xth character. So, in the above example, if you type Preamble<Alt-G> and set '3' as the 'exclude' length, Pathagoras will find the clause.

See Exclude Sorting Characters