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Smart Notes

Smart Notes

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Smart Notes

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   A 'SmartNote' is text that you have appended to a clause or document that further defines the usage or purpose of that clause.

Typically, the SmartNote will advise the end user as to when or why to choose a particular clause (or clause set)
As a practical matter, there are no limits as to what a SmartNote would contain.

   The end user can view the SmartNote when the Clause Selection Screen is displayed by clicking the <Notes> button.

   Attaching a SmartNote to a Term:

Via the Clause Selection screen (the ‘standard’ method).

As you are perusing your Clause Selection Screen, and perhaps saying to yourself, “that looks like a good clause to which to attach a SmartNote,” go for it right then and there.

1.Click the “More>>” button to reveal the additional screen functions.
2.Click the <Add Note> button.
3.When the  overlay "Notes & Comments" screen appears. Type any text you desire to constitute the Note.
4.Press <Save> to save the Note.
If the book is a glossary, in addition to the above method, you can add or modify a SmartNote to a term in this way:
1.Display the actual glossary to the editing screen.
2.Rest the cursor within a glossary term and right-click. A new menu will display.
3.Select Pathagoras Functions>>Add Note from the right-click menu. Follow the prompts to add the SmartNote.
4.Repeat as desired for other terms.

Note: A SmartNote is added as an additional glossary term just beneath the main term. The suffix “_Note” is added to the name of the base term to distinguish it from the base clause.

If the book is a ‘folder of documents’, in addition to the method set out above, you can add or modify a SmartNote in this way: (Pathagoras uses the document's "Comments" field to store the SmartNote.):
1.Open the document in the folder to which you wish to add a SmartNote.
2.Click File>>Properties>>Summary. Complete the "Comments" field with text of any length.
3.Save the document.

Yet another alternative method for attaching a Note to a document (one that avoids opening any documents) is to:

1.Display the folder in which the documents are stored.
2.Right click on the document to which you want to add a SmartNote.
3.Click Properties>>Summary and complete the "Comments" field. Click OK and you are done. (While on the Summary page, you may wish to add or edit the 'Subject' field. The 'Subject' field on the Properties>>Summary page is the source of the Subject for non-glossary books.)

Displaying SmartNotes during document assembly:

   If there is at least one SmartNote attached to a clause within the selected book, the button labeled “<*Notes>“ will appear between the two panels. See Figure 1 below. (If there are no SmartNotes in the book, the button will not appear.)

   Pathagoras tells you which specific terms have SmartNotes associated with them by attaching an asterisk (“*”) just to the right of the term name. In Figure 1, four terms have attached SmartNotes.

   To view the SmartNote, select the term in the left panel and then press the <*Notes> button. An overlay screen will appear containing the text of the Note.


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Figure 1. Note the "SmartNotes" button between the two panels on the Clause Selection Screen.