In its simplest application, use the Name and Subjects Editor this tool just to peruse a folder’s contents so that you can make minor changes to names or subjects.

   Keep the following in mind as you are making your edits  --

   Naming documents and clauses:

Normal document naming rules always apply.  If you are working on a glossary (as opposed to a folder of clauses), bookmark naming rules will apply. (In a nutshell, a glossary term name must begin with a letter, and contain only letters and numbers (and no spaces). The name may contain an underline (‘_’) character. )


Unlike a document name (which restricts certain characters from use), you can use any characters (including spaces) for a subject. You should, however, keep the length of a subject to no more than 40 characters. To provide emphasis for a subject, consider adding a special character (e.g., an ‘*’ or ( ). You could also add spaces to group certain subjects. (Bold, italics or underlines will not display in the Clause Selection Screen. You cannot use those emphasis tools.)

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