Here are the important elements of the Names & Subjects Editor screen:

1.The selected path.

2.The number of documents in the selected path.

3.An alphabetical list of the names of the documents in the selected path. (This section is non-editable as it is the 'permanent' reference to the old name of the file or glossary term.)

4.An editable list of the names. Initially identical to column 1. Make any desired changes to the names in this column.

5.An editable list of the 'subjects' assigned to the document. (The subject of a specific document is found in the document's 'Properties' listing. Pathagoras uses the subject as an alternative to the document's name in its DropDown List and in the Clause Selection Screen.) If no subject was previously assigned to the document, the document's name is repeated, minus the '.doc' or '.docx' suffix.

6.This section provides the tools to help you convert to using prefix/suffix style name. Totally optional. More instructions of converting your document names to this style are provided at this link.

7.File controls. A few handy tools that should make navigating your way through the process a bit easier. Among others, you can open the file reflected on the line in which your cursor currently sits, you can open the containing folder, and you can preview the contents of the selected file. (With 'Preview', the screen expands and the first 1,000 characters of the selected clause are shown.)

8.Sort the table by any column you wish. Helpful if you use the files name or subject for sorting its display order.

9.If you have renamed the document, click 'Check for Bad Names' before processing the changes to make sure that the name you selected is 'legal.'  A document name may not contain the characters * ? | / \ ; [ ] < > + = or :.

10.  As you are editing, you may find it helpful to switch the Name and the Subject columns. This is the tool by which to do so.

11.  Get detailed help on the Names and Subjects Editor (including this page) from the Internet.

12.  Restore the screen to its original state. (Pathagoras re-reads the contents of the selected path and redraws the screen with the current state of the folder.

13.  Apply Edits: You will be offered the opportunity to make the changes that have been made to just the selected line or the entire chart.
Note: no changes are ever made to your documents until you click "Apply Edits". Therefore you can manipulate the contents of the form until you have things 'just right' before committing to any permanent changes.

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